Video shows lengthy rescue of man trapped under bridge for 6 days

Video from a police officer’s body-worn camera shows the lengthy extrication of a man who was trapped in his truck under an Indiana bridge for six days.

FOX 32 first reported on the miraculous rescue of Matt Reum in December. Reum, who travels frequently for work, was driving on Interstate 94 in Portage, Indiana, when his truck careened to the right of the highway barrier, went airborne, rolled several times to the left, and ended up underneath the bridge. The final resting position of his truck was shielded by the bridge – leaving it out of view to those traveling the interstate above.

Reum would remain trapped under the bridge for six days until a pair of fishermen found him. New video from police shows how the rescue happened.

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Mario Garcia and his son-in-law Nivardo Delatorre said their curiosity led them to Reum.


First responders rescue man who was trapped in his truck under a bridge for six days (Portage Police via Storyful)

"It was very fortunate that we saw through the cracks of the woods, the shiny of the wreck, and curiosity that took us over there," said Mario Garcia.

Garcia, one of the fishermen, said he looked inside the vehicle, moved the airbag, and saw the man's body.

"I went to touch the shoulder and the moment I touched the shoulder, he swung around, he woke up," said Garcia. "He was alive, and he was very happy to see us. I’ve never seen a relief like that. He says he tried yelling and screaming, but no one could hear him, it was quiet, just the sound of the water."

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Reum was taken to a South Bend, Indiana, hospital with life-threatening injuries. Reports say he is recovering from a leg amputation, a broken ankle and a broken hand.

"It looked like he was really fighting to be there, to stay around, he didn’t want to go," said Garcia.

FOX 32 Chicago contributed to this report.