Kayakers cross flooded Minnesota road: 'So Minnesotan'

An officer with West Hennepin Public Safety captured a video of kayakers crossing a flooded roadway in Minnetrista, Minnesota, on Tuesday evening. 

"While out on patrol in the Independence/Minnetrista area checking flooded road conditions, I had the chance to say a quick ‘hello’ to these folks out enjoying a beautiful spring evening. Not every day you get to see this, but that’s so Minnesota!" the officer wrote on the West Hennepin Public Safety Facebook page. 

In a press conference Wednesday, Gov. Tim Walz reminded motorists to not drive around barricades closing roadways, and he asked people partaking in "flooding tourism" to be careful.  

"People are interested. They want to see the power of nature, and it is really something to see right now, this time of year. I would just ask folks to be very careful, make sure you're staying back, certainly away from the water," Walz said.

According to National Weather Service meteorologist Daniel Noah, rivers in Minnesota should have reached their peak, assuming there is not much additional rain over the next week.

"So barring anything unforeseen with the rain that happens tonight … We should expect that to remain where it's at, not too much worse, and then gradually falling early next week, again, dependent on anything that falls next week," he said during the press conference. 

He added that any smaller tributaries that were going to flood had already done so. 

"Generally speaking, the smaller tributaries, smaller rivers have either done their thing or are doing it right now. So all of that snow melt, all the rain that we've had recently is being channeled through those smaller tributaries and. If they're going to flood. You're seeing it right now," he said.