Video: La Crosse police officer frees raccoon from jar

A La Crosse, Wisconsin police officer freed a raccoon after the animal got his head stuck in a peanut butter jar.

According to a Facebook post by the department, Officer Adam Lange was dispatched to Rose and Monitor streets early Thursday morning for a call of a raccoon with a plastic jar on its head.

In the video, Officer Lange approaches the animal and is able to quickly pull off the jar. The raccoon then scurries away.

In the Facebook post describing the incident, the department writes, "Lange reported the following: Raccoon with a plastic peanut butter jar on its head. Approached the wild beast, took ahold of the jiffy jar, and released the animal from its plastic prison. Raccoon last seen headed southbound believed to be looking for grape jelly. No further follow up needed."

The department adds, "This again shows the very unique situations our officers encounter during their daily patrols. Good work Officer Lange!"