Video: Bears destroy trail camera in northern Minnesota

Two bears in northern Minnesota took out their apparent boredom on a trail camera.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project on Monday posted a video on social media of two bears sparring and then going after a trail camera the researchers placed as part of their work to study wolves in the Voyageurs National Park area of Minnesota. 

In the social media post, Voyageurs Wolf Project joked the bears will be held responsible but admitted, the bears were just being bears. "But "It's humorous to have a little fun with it when they do take out a camera," the post said.

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In a comment on the post, the researchers said: "There will always be an eternal battle between researchers who want to have functional cameras in the woods and bears who want to destroy those cameras!"

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a research project through the University of Minnesota aimed at furthering an understanding of wolf behavior, specifically how wolves spend their summer. The organization shares its discoveries on social media and near-daily videos and photos from its trail cameras of wolves and other animals that call Minnesota home, amassing a large and loyal group of followers. 

To learn more about what the organization does, visit the Voyageurs Wolf Project website here