Vandals destroy 118-year-old historic school house near Becker, Minn.

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A historic 118-year-old one-room school house near Becker, Minn. was vandalized last week, and this wasn’t the first time.  The owners have absolutely no idea why they keep on getting targeted.

On a farm that exudes so much calm and peace, the school house continues to draw so much violence and destruction.  Owner Gail Wilkinson said several people barged in at night and went on a rampage last week.

“They brought along with them sledge hammers,” Wilkinson said.

The vandals smashed windows, a porcelain sink, and irreplaceable items over 100 years old.

Wilkinson and her husband Tom Barthel own the school and farm, they said this is now the eighth time in the past couple years that the school's been targeted.  Before this incident, vandals unloaded a fire extinguisher inside, took off with an antique bell, and bb gunned the windows.

Sherburne County Sheriffs are investigating the vandalism, but so far, no leads.  Which makes it that much more frustrating for Terri Hughes, whose great, great grandfather came from Norway and started the school 118 years ago.

“It closed I believe in the late 60's, 1967,” she said.

While the school no longer functions on a day to day basis, it's still open during the summer months for home school students and anyone who wants to come by to enjoy the look back in time.

Because the damage is so bad, the owners are putting up a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case.