Va. boy raises money to send hand sanitizer for schools in Flint water crisis

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There is something to be said of a child's innocence in a time of need. When a 7-year-old Virginia boy wondered what he could do to help his fellow students in Flint, Michigan, he did something that many adults have not been able to do – he helped.

“This little guy had this idea a week and a half ago,” said Isiah Britt's mother, Danielle. “This started at our dinner table.”

Amid the outrage from Flint, Isiah knew that even as a second grade student at Buckland Mills Elementary School in Prince William County, he could make a difference.

“My mom told me about the water crisis, so I wanted to [donate water] first, but they already had so many water bottles,” said Isiah. “So we called Eisenhower [Elementary School in Flint] and they said they had a lot. So they asked us if could we get hand sanitizer.”

With the help of his mother, they set up a GoFundMe page raising nearly a thousand dollars. But now, there is more help on the way.

“A big company, Purell, will go along and donate some more cases of hand sanitizer in Isiah’s name,” said Danielle Britt.

Isiah's dream is to play professional soccer and to help people. He is off to a good start.

“Instead of doing small things, you want to do big things to help the world and around the country,” he said.

“If this little guy can make a difference, I’m sure us as citizens can do the same and jump in, contribute and make a big difference,” said Isiah's mother.

As a big soccer fan, Isiah has always wanted to go to a DC United match. We reached out to the club on Tuesday and they love his story, and they are going to help him get out to a game for the upcoming season.