Unseasonably warm temperatures for the first annual Girls Outdoor Hockey Classic

Parents and their hockey players made the most of the unseasonably warm temperatures Saturday. Pond hockey games started at the Roseville Oval around 9am and didn’t wrap up until just after dark. 

44 teams of 8U and 10U hockey teams joined in on the first annual event of the Girls Outdoor Hockey Classic. They played three games each.

Organizers hope the event helps introduce a new generation to pond style hockey.

"Hopefully it creates a whole different culture of these kids being I want to go play on the pond or I want to go play outside mom and dad." Event organizer, Winny Brodt-Brown said.

The Gopher women’s hockey team was there to offer tips to the younger players and officiate games.

Next year, they hope to have even more teams participating.

"It's been awesome, it's been a lot of fun, I know the kids have loved it." One parent said.