Undercover officer threatened with gun during fentanyl deal in St. Paul: Charges

An undercover officer attempting to buy 1,600 fentanyl pills in St. Paul was allegedly threatened with a gun by two people who are now facing felony charges, according to court records. 

On March 30, an undercover officer arranged to purchase the pills for $2,400. When the officer called the alleged drug supplier he was instructed to call another number that provided an address, charges said. 

Upon arriving, the undercover officer was directed to enter a vehicle with 28-year-old Aaron Harris in the driver’s seat and 27-year-old Dion Miller in the back. Harris asked to see the money while Miller pulled out a black handgun equipped with an extended magazine and pointed it at the undercover officer, charges allege.

The undercover officer threw the money and quickly got out of the vehicle. 

Members of the Ramsey County Violent Crimes Enforcement Team followed the vehicle to an address in St. Paul and obtained a search warrant. Miller and Harris were taken into custody, and authorities searched the residence where they found the firearm and stolen cash, charges said.

According to court records, Miller allegedly told investigators he and Harris received information that a man would be carrying a large amount of cash, and they used Harris’ old address to rob him. Miller claimed Harris fully knew of the robbery plan, but Harris denied any involvement. 

Both men were charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and are scheduled to make their first court appearance Monday morning.