U.S. Bank Stadium has ribbon cutting ceremony

U.S. Bank Stadium is officially open for business with a weekend of celebrations for the stadium.

The ribbon cutting ceremony had a game day feel with the drums and the cheerleaders and people wearing horns and paint.

It also brought the austerity of the ceremony that it was with about 90 minutes of people in suits on a platform giving speeches, including Governor Mark Dayton, the owners, team and league officials, the builders, and the architects.

The standing ovation came for the one guy not in a suit - the project manager. Dave Mansell oversaw the day-to-day construction, had only 31 months to do it and got it done early.

“I had extreme confidence and to the 8000 men and women, the local craft workers, the dedication and commitment, they made this happen, not me,” said Mansell.

Fans and former Vikings players say they are in the awe of the new stadium. Former Vikings defensive tackle Alan Page said he was impressed how the outside the new stadium feels.

“I like playing outside,” said Page. “For me, football is an outdoor game… This is as close as you get.”