U of M unveils on-campus motorized scooter policy

(University of Minnesota)

The University of Minnesota announced a motorized foot scooter policy Thursday to help corral and regulate the fleet on its campus.

According to the new rules, all scooters must be parked near a campus bike rack and riders must use them on designated bike lanes or paths.

The school identified 9,000 free bike racks or hoops around its campus near almost every building for parking. Scooters are also not to be left near handrails, trees, fences or bus shelters and will be tagged for removal if found there.

Besides dictating where one can and cannot leave the scooters, the rules also outline exactly where students can ride one.

The scooters are not allowed on campus sidewalks and must always yield to pedestrians.

In addition, riders have to obey all traffic signs and laws while on bike lanes and ride in the direction of traffic on one-way bike lanes.

Headlights are required while riding at night and helmets are recommended as part of the policy.

For more information, you can find the policy at the U of M’s website.