U of M professor, 2 others killed in crash in Czech Republic

Robert and Jeanie Morrison traveled the world together, often with Jeanie's siblings and their spouses, but no one could have known their latest adventure would end in tragedy.

"We are grieving immensely. Still concerned about Jeanie," the couple's brother-in-law, Bill Chadwick, said.

The Morrisons were sightseeing with two other couples from Minnesota before a conference on swine health management in the Czech Republic when their rented SUV was hit by a truck just north of Prague.

Robert and two of his colleagues' wives were killed in the crash, while his wife Jeanie is hospitalized in critical condition.

"She's s still unconscious following surgery," Chadwick said. "The good news is there's no brain or spinal injury. Her three children and their spouses are in Prague now. We're just praying."  

Dr. Morrison taught for 30 years in the University of Minnesota's Department of Veterinary Population Medicine.
He launched the Swine Health Monitoring Project, which gives weekly reports on more than half the pig herds in the country.

Morrison also coordinated two well-known international conferences on swine health in St. Paul and China.

"Always looking for ways to have the healthiest animals, raised in the safest way and produce the highest quality product," the Dean of the University's College of Veterinary Medicine Trevor Ames said.

But family members say its not Morrison's accomplishments they'll treasure the most.

"Just don't take life for granted," Chadwick said. "Grateful for memories and just praying that Jeanie comes home." 

The two other Minnesotans killed in the crash were Deb Spronk of Pipestone and Pam Metzell of Cleveland, Minn.