Two officers injured in police chase that led to standoff in Cottage Grove

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Two police officers were injured in Cottage Grove during a police chase that led to a standoff at a house, according to Cottage Grove Police Chief Peter Koerner. 

“I came from my kitchen out and looked out the bay window and seen a squad car with Honda CRV in my neighbor’s garage,” said Jon Thomsen, a neighbor.

Police were chasing the driver of a Honda CRV for shoplifting from a nearby Target when the SUV crashed into a garage and fence in the 8600 block of Grenadier Avenue South.

The driver fled on foot and holed up in a garage a couple of blocks away on the 8800 block of Grenada Avenue. Police blocked off the street and called in the SWAT team. The suspect did not speak with negotiators. After a couple of hours, authorities used gas and officers found the suspect in the garage in the trunk of the homeowner's car and police took him into custody. The suspect did not follow commands and was combative with police.

The two Cottage Grove police officers were hurt during the chase. One was injured when a bystander tried to stop the fleeing vehicle and ended up T-boning a squad car. The other officer was hurt when the suspect backed into his squad car after running into the garage. Both received minor injuries.

"What started as a shoplifter turned into a stolen vehicle pursuit and kind of an all-around melee for a bit, but I'm glad our officers are ok, " said Chief Koerner.