Two deer crash through Victoria salon

Salon SPAtoria in Victoria had some unexpected walk-in clients on Wednesday, but they weren't there for highlights or a manicure.

Co-owner Robin Fredrick was doing some training with an employee when a group of deer started making their way across the parking lot and towards the salon.

"I turned and looked, and I said, 'They are coming full speed ahead!' They did not hesitate and crashed right into the window," said Fredrick.

Jeff Essig, owner of Clean 'N Seal, captured some a video of the deer, as he tried to help usher them out. (Supplied)

After some slipping and sliding on the tile floor, the two animals were escorted out the back door. Thankfully, no humans were hurt in the incident, but the same can't be said for their windows or floors.

"We have deer hair everywhere...deer hair and glass," said co-owner Kathryn Paradise. 

The salon will have a hazmat crew working overnight to ensure they can reopen safely for clients on Thursday morning.

"(We have) so many things to be grateful for. No one was hurt (and) material things can be replaced," said Paradise.