Twins, Lynx, Timberwolves, MN United team up for sports clinic for kids

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It was a great weekend to get outside and play and several Minnesota teams spent part of their day encouraging kids to do exactly that. They teamed up for a first-of-its-kind event promoting sports and the important lessons they have for everyone.

On a Saturday morning in Saint Paul, it’s a day of play for more than 200 kids. But it’s not your average sports clinic. This one is put on by the pros.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, the Lynx, Twins and Minnesota United teamed up for the first time to get St. Paul youth active.

“This is the very first one, which we’re excited about,” said Sondra Ciesielski, a communication coordinator for the Twins. “We’re hoping to grow this.”

They’re also hoping to be a source of inspiration.

“Some kids may not be able to get the opportunity or may not have a basketball at home or a bat, but here they’ll be able to find new things at no cost and hopefully they’ll be able to find a passion in one of these sports,” said Ciesielski.

This sports outreach comes as the U.S. childhood obesity rate rises. According to a study by the journal Pediatrics, a third of America’s children were overweight in 2016, which is up from more than a quarter in 1999. 

Through basketball, baseball and soccer, these kids are learning the tools of the game - making each and every one of them the most valuable player. 

“We’re really wanting to get kids active, get them to be involved in something,” said Ciesielski.