Twins fans reflect on ups and downs of this historic season

It’s a somber day for Twins fans as the Bomba Season came to a quick end last night against the Yankees. While some fans are calling it a memorable year, others say it was a disappointing end.

The gates of Target Field are now locked, and in the ghost town of a plaza, the very occasional fan like Jake Pickett walks through.

“I was going to go to the game tonight…I’m just disappointed, I guess,” he said.

Then, there’s the much happier Yankee fans like Alvin Neco from Puerto Rico. Neco flew to New York for games 1 and 2, came to Minneapolis for 3 and 4, and planned to go back to New York for game 5. He said he never thought the Twins posed a threat… and he was right.

So, should fans be happy with the surprisingly good regular season that gave us the Bomba Squad and the Rally Squirrel, or angry we can’t win when it matters?

“Let’s do both,” said John Bonnes, the founder of “Twins Daily,” which provides independent coverage of the team.

Bonnes said the season showed the potential of this team, and the post-season laid bare what’s wrong with it. 

“I think we knew for four or five months; every time we had a discussion about the trade deadline, we knew maybe they’re not quite good enough…every time we talked about the bullpen we thought maybe they’re not quite good enough yet, and what we found out is they’re not quite good enough,” he said.

Bonnes believes the Twins should be a playoff team at least the next few seasons if they get at least three solid starting pitchers.

“They’ve got a lot of money, and they’ve got a lot of people they can trade, and they’ve got to make it happen,” he said.

More post-seasons means more meet-ups with the Yankees, which means build for the Bronx in October.