Twins fans gripe, TV providers allow free trial of MLB Network for postseason games

Comcast threw lots of Twins fans a curveball Tuesday citing they wouldn’t offer a free trial of the MLB Network for the first game of the American League Divisional Series. The game will air exclusively on the network although the channel is one many Comcast subscribers, like Nan Binning, don’t have in their cable package.

"I want them to win all of them but I think they’re going to win Friday night," said Binning.

From her favorite chair inside her south Minneapolis home, Nan Binning bonds with her grandson over their favorite sport: Twins baseball.

But when she learned Friday’s playoff game against the Yankees will air exclusively on the MLB Network... "I went right to my TV and checked to see if I had MLB, which I was sure I didn’t, and I was very disappointed," Binning said. "Very disappointed."

While Comcast played hardball, other providers offered a free trial run, so Nan decided to touch base.

"I sent Comcast an email saying that I’ve been a customer since they were Time Warner, which would be back probably in the 70s, and that they could give me free MLB for one day," she said.

Eager to see the Twins get a chance to smoke the Yankees, others instead turned to social media right off the bat.

“I think Comcast started thinking better of whether or not they wanted to send a lot of people to YouTube TV for a free trial,” said Twins Daily founder John Bonnes.

Wednesday afternoon, Comcast stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. The cable provider will offer a free trial of the MLB Network so fans can still see the game.

According to MLB Network, AT&T U-Verse, Cablevision [ALTICE], Comcast, COX, DirecTV, Dish, Sling TV, Verizon Fios and other providers will all be offering a free preview of MLB Network through Oct. 11. 

If you’d rather not stay home this weekend, you can head on down to Target Field where the clubhouse will be open to upwards of 4,000 people for a Twins watch party. Twins Daily will also host a watch party at Brothers and Grill on 1st Avenue in Minneapolis.

Statement from Comcast:

Comcast will make the MLB Network free preview available to all customers in time for Friday’s Twins-Yankees playoff game. Video customers will have access to MLB Network at no additional cost through October 11. The MLB Network free preview will be available on the following channels: 272/733 SD, 873/1219 HD. Customers can also say “watch MLB Network” into their Xfinity Voice Remote.