Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Eau Claire set new record cold high temperatures Tuesday

Have you turned your heat on yet? The National Weather Service says record cold high temperatures were set in the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, Minnesota and Eau Claire, Wisconsin Tuesday with more records possible Wednesday. 

The Twin Cities saw a high of 52 degrees Tuesday, breaking the previous record cold high temperature for Sept. 8 of 54 degrees set in 1929. St. Cloud and Eau Claire hit 53 and 54 degrees respectively, which also broke previous record highs of 54 and 60 degrees. 

The forecasted high for the Twin Cities on Wednesday is even colder at 51 degrees. If we hit it, it will be a record cold high for Sept. 9. The current record cold high for this day is 55 degrees, which was also set in 1929.

Eau Claire could also break another cold high record on Wednesday. The forecasted high is 50 degrees—eight degrees colder than the current record high cold of 58 degrees set in 1954.