Twin Cities snowball fight ends in the most Minnesota way possible: a tie

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The two Twin Cities mayors put their pride on the line with a snowball fight Sunday afternoon, pitting east versus west in the St. Paul versus Minneapolis showdown.

The event was dubbed the “Bold North Snowball Challenge” after the two mayors agreed to the fight earlier this week.

Hundreds showed up at Como Park in St. Paul to forget about the bad weather and to have some fun in the snow.

“No matter how much snow comes down, even in a record-breaking snowfall February, we can get out and have some fun together and sort of win against winter,” said St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter.

“We can embrace the winter. We can embrace the snow,” added Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. “Even when you got record levels coming down, we can have an absolute ball. In this case quite literally.”

The two Mayors said this could be a tradition in the making.

Sunday’s battle was declared a tie, so we’ll have to wait until 2020 to see if a winner is decided.