Twin Cities residents and crews clean up after snowstorm

In the metro, we woke up to a decent amount of snow on the ground. But, the further south you went, the more snow there was.

Even in the metro, the difference between north and south was a few inches. The highest totals coming in from the southwest metro.

"I have a cut off where, at six inches, I charge a little more and all my stuff on the westside I won’t be and those on the south will be," said Brent Nicolle, the owner of Seasonal Alternatives, a plowing company.

In Shakopee, where they got seven inches, it was the perfect snow for playing. And the fact that it fell early on a Sunday gave MnDOT plenty of time to get the roads ready for the Monday morning commute.

"On a Sunday, we don’t have as much traffic as we do on a weekday so you can really see that difference out there because our crews have been able to get a hold of it," explained MnDOT spokesperson Anne Meyer. "The sun is shining, that’s helping us out. The temperatures are nice and you can see it’s having a good impact out there.”

If you had to be somewhere Sunday morning, you were likely slowed down. MSP Airport reported 13 flights were cancelled and 145 delays due to the snow.

But, those who work to clean it up, like Nicolle, weren't complaining.

"It’s been a nice steady winter, it hasn’t been too bad," he said. "We always want more snow if this is what you’re doing but...”

Afternoon sun helped cleanup efforts and, by Sunday evening, most roads had traffic moving at normal paces. However, you could see some refreezing overnight, so watch out for potential slick spots for the morning commute.