Twin Cities Pride marches for social and racial justice in Minneapolis

Twin Cities Pride marched for social and racial justice Sunday after cancelling their virtual parade to support communities of color.

Twin Cities Pride gathered to demand justice for George Floyd while showing appreciation for their community Sunday.

With social and racial justice at the forefront, Twin Cities Pride’s celebration was different in 2020.

The usual Twin Cities Pride events moved online this weekend, but Sunday, hundreds marched from downtown to Loring Park in Minneapolis. The event replaced what normally would be a Pride parade with a march for justice and love.

Organizers say this year’s event is about a different kind of love. It’s about love for the LGBTQ+ community and love for communities of color.

“I feel like both black lives and queer lives are in danger right now and so combining the two in this protest and rally is one of the most important ways to do it,” said Bo Nabozny, the interim chair of Twin Cities Pride. 

Pride organizers put their virtual parade on hold to join with organizers of the march.

Marchers say they can relate to the injustices experienced by communities of color.

“Black trans women and trans women of color are most likely susceptible and to violence so we need to make sure we’re centering those people,” Al Vann-Jackson said. “The people who are in danger when they walk down the street the most in spaces like these.”

All in all, they joined forces for the peaceful march to get out their messages of love and let each other know they’re heard.