Twin Cities commerce agency launches apprenticeship program

Recently recognized as one of the fasting growing private companies in the Twin Cities and the country, plus named best places to work, Chad Hetherington started The Stable just six years ago.

His commerce agency headquarters in downtown Minneapolis is behind nearly 700 brands. Many you may recognize.

"Whether it’s walking into Target and seeing a product on the shelf, we are responsible for that. Or whether it is buying something on Amazon, we are responsible for that," Hetherington said. "Now I’m ready to give someone their big opportunity."

Now Hetherington is turning some of his attention to the creative launch of an apprenticeship opportunity within his company, and many may see on his billboards looking for applications, "No college? No worries." 

"I didn't have the chance to go to college. Instead, I just went right to work out of high school," Hetherington said. "I feel there is this enormous pressure that if you don’t go to college, you are not going to be successful. We want to break down that barrier a little bit."

The apprentice chosen will receive salary, benefits and 15 months of training in every department within The Stable, from retail to media.

"I’m really looking for someone who couldn’t get to college, because of financial or health, they are working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet -- that’s who I’m looking for," Hetherington said.

Hetherington gives a nod to fellow entrepreneur Richard Branson, whom he recently met, and hopes the next person to join his team will continue the momentum of fun, hard work and success. 

"I strongly believe if you are the catalyst behind someone’s opportunity, they are going to work really hard, and they are going to do incredible things and test themselves in different ways," Hetherington said.

Pre-pandemic, The Stable had about 65 employees. Now, they have 250.

The announcement video about the apprenticeship opportunity launched just two days ago, and The Stable has more than 100 video applications already. To submit a video application for the apprenticeship, click here