Twin brothers reunite every year at Minnesota State Fair

Sometimes, the Great Minnesota Get-Together extends well beyond the state’s borders. For nearly three decades, it’s been uniting twins who live nearly 2,000 miles apart. The pair was once only separated by minutes: born 20 minutes apart.

Perry and Percy Kallevig are both 60 years old. They were both born in Worthington, Minn. Both live in Elks: Elk River for Percy; Elk Grove, California, for Perry.

And the brothers are both preachers, telling Fox 9 their “mom wanted twins, and she prayed she’d have twins boys, and they'd both go be preachers of the gospel.” They did become preachers. And once a year, for four days each week, the pair also preaches the virtues of the Minnesota State Fair.

For descriptors, the brothers say the Minnesota State Fair "is the bar for which state fairs are measured by. It’s like going to the Olympics of state fairs.” It’s also “the fairest of all the fairs. It’s because of the people.”

They start their visit with a hot dog at About a Foot Long Hot Dog, saying “it’s more than just a foot-long hot dog, it’s like one of the best hot dogs in the whole United States.”

They also love Simply Nuts, which has “by far the best roasted nuts.”

For sweets, they go to Buni’s Cinnamon Rolls, were there “are the best, freshest cinnamon rolls.”

As for Poncho Dog versus Pronto Pups, the foods are “two different tastes, they’re both great.”

Usually, the brothers come to the fair with their wives, meeting at their own Kallevig bench, where it’s a “thrill, just to see everyone using it all the time.” In addition to their own bench, the twins also have their own brick near the Grandstand, marking their birthday.

While the brothers usually attend the fair with family, there is one day each year when the brothers go to the fair by themselves, as Minnesota twins, as best friends.