TV station stands by Santa's story of dying child

There is yet another new twist in the story of a Santa who said a terminally ill child died in his arms.

Thursday came reports that Eric Schmitt-Matzen might have made the entire tear-jerking tale up.

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But Friday night, a television station in Knoxville, Tenneessee said it is sticking by Schmitt-Matzen and his story.

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WBIR report that it has been able to independently confirm many of the details of his story including the part where a nurse called Schmitt-Matzen in the hospital to fulfill the dying wish of that 5-year-old boy.

Schmitt-Matzen reportedly refused to share the nurse’s name with other stations because he feared she could be punished for calling a "non-family member" into the intensive care unit without hospital approval.

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The station said it will not share the nurse’s name or the family’s information out of respect for the privacy of everyone involved.

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