Tuesday morning storm leaves damage behind in Buffalo, Minn.

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An approximately half-mile stretch south of Buffalo near Rockford Township was hit hard after Tuesday morning’s thunderstorm took down trees and damaged some buildings. 

“It was raining so hard that you couldn’t see if you looked out the window. You couldn’t see two feet because of rain and wind together. It was just coming down that hard,” Dale Fadden said. 

Fadden had several branches ripped off of trees in his yard. His deck was covered with branches from 42-year-old black walnut trees. Fadden has been retired for four years and said he spent much of his time taking care of his property. 

“I was depressed. My lawn was just looking perfect and to see this mess, depressed,” Fadden said. 

Fadden didn’t have an structural damage, but down the road, his neighbors weren’t as fortunate. 

“It wasn’t more than about four minutes and everything broke loose,” Rich Long said. 

Long was watching the storm until he saw it getting so dangerous he and his wife ran to their basement.

Once the storm passed they realized debris had broken the glass on three of their windows. Several trees in their yard also snapped. 

“I love Mother Nature. Might throw you a spoon or a fork, but we always eat,” Long said.