Trooper injured while arresting man found walking in I-94 traffic: State Patrol

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Minnesota State Patrol responding to a person walking on I-94 Tuesday morning. 

A Minnesota State trooper suffered minor injuries during the arrest of a man who was walking in traffic on Interstate 94 Tuesday morning, authorities said. 

The Minnesota State Patrol (MSP) said it responded to reports of a pedestrian walking in the eastbound lanes near 49th Avenue in Minneapolis just before 7:40 a.m. 

Responding troopers then found a 31-year-old man who moved out of the lanes upon their arrival. 

MSP officials say the man "became non-compliant and combative" while troopers were speaking with him. 

MnDOT traffic camera footage shows two state troopers grappling with the man before the struggle moved behind a cruiser and out of view. Several more troopers and police responded to the scene after the struggle began. 

After being put in handcuffs, the man was taken to the hospital for evaluation, according to law enforcement. 

MSP said the incident remains under investigation.