Tricycle for children with special needs stolen in Norwood Young America

A family from Norwood Young America is hoping the public can help their 12-year-old boy get his adaptive tricycle back. The tricycle was reported stolen on July 9 and so far, the Carver County Sheriff has had no luck in finding it.  

Moving from Burnsville to Norwood Young America, the Coleman family never thought someone would steal or even want an adaptive bike. But it’s been gone for weeks now, and the family is devastated.

Just like any other boy, Colin Coleman loves to ride his bike. For Colin, it’s more than just fun - it’s freedom.

“He needs a lot of help with trunk strength and awareness of his environment. He also needs independence, he’s a 12-year-year old boy and he wants to be like all the other boys,” said Elisha Coleman, Colin’s mother. “That gave him the ability to be a normal boy, in his eyes.”

Colin has autism and his bright lime green adaptive bike is his everything. But about a month ago, in the middle of the night, it was stolen.

“It was right in our line of sight - right where our kitchen is, our dining room is, his therapy room is,” Elisha Coleman said. “So I sent him inside in tears, in full meltdown and I called the police.”

Elisha Coleman said it’s hard to know why someone would want her son’s bike. It’s extremely heavy and just one speed. But it is made of steel, and she and investigators fear it was sold for scrap. 

“A small town where we didn’t think anything could touch us and it did. I think it really broke that trust with him being in a small town and he got very overwhelmed,” Coleman said. 

The bike was a Christmas present for Colin, and they run new about $2200. He understands it was stolen, but he doesn’t understand why they won’t bring it back.

Elisha said he asked her, ‘when are they gonna bring back my bike mom? Who would take my bike mom?’”

The bike in the attached photo is a lot like the one missing, only it has regular handlebars. The stolen tricycle is a green Rifton model 7 adult-sized tricycle with traditional bicycle handlebars and no back rest.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Colin's bike, call the Carver County Sheriff's Office at 952-361-1231.