Transcript of 911 call in fatal, officer-involved shooting in Chanhassen released

The Carver County Sheriff's Office released the transcript of the 911 call from a fatal officer-involved shooting Wednesday. 

Archer Amorosi, 16, was killed Friday morning at his home off of Hwy. 7 in Chanhassen. Carver County deputies responded to a home in the 6400 block of Oriole Avenue after Amarosi's mother, Kara Amorosi, reported her son was suicidal and threatening her with knives and a baseball bat.

Here is a transcript of the call: 

(KA - Kara Amorosi, UM1 - unidentified male 1, UM2 - unidentified male 2)

Dispatch: 911 where is your emergency?

KA: At my house.

Dispatch: What’s the address?

KA: What?

Dispatch: What’s the address?

KA: I need…I need…multiple police to come to my house right now.

Dispatch: What’s the address?

KA: 6451 Oriole Avenue

Dispatch: What’s going on?

KA: My son

Dispatch: What about your son?

KA: He’s being violent and destructive

Dispatch: Is he assault you?

KA: He’s assaulting the house, he took my keys, he won’t let me leave

Dispatch: How old is your son?

KA: I told him to give my keys back, he (inaudible), he’s got a baseball bat, he also has knives, you’re going to need to bring multiple police (inaudible) (crying) …

Dispatch: Ma’am how old is your son?

KA: I can’t hear you

Dispatch: How old is your son?

KA: (Inaudible) … I can’t hear you.

Dispatch: Ma’am how old is your son?

KA: He’s 17! … You need, you need to do something

Dispatch: Yep

KA: (Inaudible) don’t want (inaudible) to hurt them oh my god…

Dispatch: You think he’s going to hurt the officers?

KA: YES I DO, he wants to, he wants them to shoot him… he just locked me out of my house, he he wants them, he wants them to get in like a show down with the police, he wants, I can’t even get in my house…crying (inaudible)

Dispatch: What did he say?

KA: (crying) (inaudible)

Dispatch: Ma’am, ma’am I have officers in route

KA: I can’t… He’s gonna do something bad because I (inaudible)

Dispatch: Ok ma’am…

KA: I can’t get out…

Dispatch: Ma’am, ma’am what’s your son’s name?

KA: His name is Archer Amorosi, they were here yesterday, he saw them, he needed a medical evaluation and they couldn’t do anything.

Dispatch: Ok is he on any sort of drugs or alcohol today?

KA: No, I can’t (inaudible) … I have to get out of this garage.

Dispatch: Do you have a door that opens that you can walk out? Not…

KA: I can’t reach it, I can’t reach it because the tractor is in front of it, I can’t (crying gasping) I tried to keep my purse from him so he couldn’t get my keys and he got my purse and I told him I would leave if he would just give me my purse and I told him I wouldn’t call the police if he would just give me my purse

Dispatch: Ma’am, ma’am

KA: sobbing

Dispatch: Ma’am I need you to…I need you to calm down ok, I’ve got several officers coming to help you but I need you to calm down

KA: (inaudible sobbing)

Dispatch: I need you to calm down so we can help you…you are going to have to listen to me very carefully ok? So I want you to calm down.

KA: I can’t breathe in here

Dispatch: Ok. So the tractor is in front of the walk in door, correct? So the officers can’t open it either?

KA: I can’t move it.

Dispatch: Ok just

KA: I can’t move it…

Dispatch: OK…

KA: I tried to but I can’t move it, I can’t move it…He told me he has knives.

Dispatch: Did he, did he have the knives on him when you saw him?

KA: No

Dispatch: Ok

KA: He said that sometimes he wants them to come take him down, he’s he’s not well right now.

Dispatch: And where was the baseball bat the last time you saw it?

KA: He had it in his hand and he went inside the house with it.

Dispatch: Ok ok ok

KA: And he locked me in here

Dispatch: Ok, and how did he disable the garage door?

KA: I don’t know, he pulled like that cord (sobbing)

Dispatch: OK is there

KA: (sobbing)

Dispatch: Ok ma’am what I want you do is I want you to take a couple deep breaths for me. OK OK we are going to help you get out of there. Do you see that long cable on the chain, there should be a cable on the chain of the door.

KA: I can’t find it (sobbing) … it’s not. I tried to bring it up I can’t push it

Dispatch: Ma’am ma’am there is a way for you to get out ok but I need you to listen to me very carefully. There should be some sort of chain or um … cord that hangs down from the garage door.

KA: Right

Dispatch: Can you pull on that and that is going to release the locks on the door and then you should be able to go over and pull it up.

KA: I pulled on it it’s not doing anything…I can’t no, no I can’t

Dispatch: Is there a garage door opener inside the garage?

KA: If there’s one in my car, he probably took it, he’s got this all planned out. It won’t open it makes a weird noise but yeah it’s not opening and now it’s making a really sad noise (sobbing)

Dispatch: OK I just want you to calm down

KA: Oh my god I didn’t want him to get my purse. I tried to hide it from him.

Dispatch: What’s in your purse?

KA: My car keys

Dispatch: Ok well he’s not going to go anywhere because the car is in the garage correct?

KA: (sobbing)

Dispatch: Ma’am, ma’am, ma’am I need you I need you to take some deep breaths again, come back with me, take some deep breaths, come on, bring it in, you gotta be…stay under control so that we can help you.

KA: I just want, I just want to get out of this garage.

Dispatch: I under…I understand ma’am but if you are gonna be hysterical we are not gonna be able to help you so I need you to bring it in with me now come on take some deep breaths.

KA: (sobbing/crying)

Dispatch: Ok is the car in the garage with you?

KA: yes

Dispatch: Ok then he can’t take the car if it’s in the garage with you, ok? I know you’re locked in the garage…and you can’t get out

KA: I don’t know how he got my purse, I don’t know.

Dispatch: Don’t worry, let’s ok we’re not going to worry about your purse ok? Your purse is the last thing we’re worried about we’re worried about you and your son.

KA: I don’t know how the police are going to get in, I don’t know. I can’t open the door for you. (Crying)…I I don’t know how you are going to get in… I’m sweating so badly (crying).

Dispatch: Ok ok yet, yet we’re gonna. We’re gonna help you out we’re gonna get you out of your garage ok the officers are outside now ok

KA: I have I have three dogs and they don’t do anything bad

Dispatch: Ok we’re not gonna worry about the dogs ok we’re not gonna worry about the dogs we’re gonna to worry about you and your son right now ok?

KA: I don’t know what to do

Dispatch: Ok but I am gonna help you but I need you to, I need you to stay calm with me ok, you need to stay calm with me

KA: I am, I am, I’m scared for him, I’m scared for him.

Dispatch: yep, yep the off…yep the officers

KA: What are they going to do

Dispatch: Ok ma’am ma’am couple deep breaths, couple deep breaths for me ok

KA: sobbing

Dispatch: Couple deep breaths the officers are going to do their job ok? Couple deep breaths for me.

KA: sobbing

Dispatch: (radio traffic in background) And there is no way you can get by that tractor?

KA: I tried and I can’t get out

Dispatch: Is it is a lawn tractor? Or is it

KA: It’s a big huge riding lawn mower

Dispatch: Ok ok

KA: I’m going to put the phone down, let me see

Dispatch: Ok

KA: I can’t I can’t lift it either, I can’t lift it I can’t do anything with it…crying

Dispatch: Are you back with me?

KA: crying…

Dispatch: Ok ma’am, ma’am, ok I need you to bring it back in you need to take a couple deep breaths for me ok? You getting this upset is not going to help anything ok?

UM1: (voice in background outside) (inaudible) door

KA: No no I’m not near the door

UM1: (inaudible) handles on (inaudible) … Pull the handle

KA: It’s not doing anything

UM1: (inaudible)

KA: I did it’s not doing anything…sobbing…I can’t

UM1: You gotta pull back that way (inaudible)

KA: I can’t get it…I can’t get it…I tried…I can’t get it

UM1: Who’s all in there?

KA: It’s just me.

UM1: Step back ma’am step back.

KA: My car is here (sobbing) No…(uncontrollable sobbing) I can’t I can’t get it I can’t get it I cannot I can’t get it I can’t get it.

Dispatch: Kayley can you start a rig? We are going to need one for Mom…

Dispatcher 2 (Kayley McGarry): Another one?

Dispatch: She is hysterical she is like almost out of breath, she is screaming…thank you

KA: screaming. I need my (inaudible) I need my ex-husband (inaudible) do you hear me? I need I need I need my son’s Dad (sobbing)

Dispatch: Ma’am, ma’am (the deputies are there talking to her but she is like screaming…)

KA: I need, I need.

Dispatch: Kara?

UM2: The suspect’s in the living room you can see a handgun

Dispatch: Kara? Hello…

Um2: Two people in the garage trying to get out

Dispatch: (Two? She didn’t tell me there was someone with her)…Hello

KA: I have to go now to see his dad (inaudible)

UM1: (inaudible)

Dispatch: (The tractor is in front of the door, and he disabled the garage door so they can’t get…Yeah…he came out and pulled something and now she doesn’t know what to do…Yeah and I’m like there’s a cord pull the cord)

KA: Just a second and tell me

Dispatch: Hello

KA: What do you want me to do?

UM1: Can you try the big handle? … Try the cable that’s locking the door

KA: I found it.

UM1: (Inaudible) Is there a latch on the (inaudible) of the garage?

KA: A latch? (Sobbing inaudible) that’s what I tried to tell her… (Inaudible) this is a horrible situation.

UM1: Is there a lock on the rail is there a lock on the rail of the garage? I need you to (inaudible)

KA: A lock? (inaudible) (Crying)

UM1: Try here and we go let’s try

KA: It’s not doing anything

(radio traffic)

Dispatch: (I think the troopers have Carver tac 3)

KA: I don’t know any better way.

UM1: Is it a riding lawn mower?

Dispatch: (I don’t know if Hennepin has their tac 3, so we will have to do)


UM1: Come over here and listen to the directions I’m giving you I’m trying to give you assistance. Stop (inaudible) and come here (inaudible) the directions I give you. You need to come here.

KA: I’m worried for him…

UM1: (Inaudible)…sliding door on the side see the slide unlock the door so I can get you out

KA: I can’t, I tried, I know what you’re saying, I’m not stupid but I can’t get it.