Traffic down statewide, but more deaths on the roads

Traffic is down about 50 percent across Minnesota while more people stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Traffic deaths, however, are up this year compared to the last few years.

The Department of Public Safety reports that there have been 76 fatalities on the roads this year, compared to 69 deaths at the same time last year.

DPS officials say most of the deadly accidents caused during the stay-at-home order were from speeding and reckless driving. While the order has been in effect, there have been 24 deadly crashes statewide, causing 28 deaths.

Office of Traffic Safety Director Mike Hanson says it’s important that drivers use caution on the roads.
“That you get from point a to point b and that you’re not driving in such a way that you endanger yourself or others out there, so that the critical care and ICU beds can be reserved for those who truly need it,” said Hanson.