Tow truck driver hospitalized after being struck roadside while helping motorist

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A tow truck driver was seriously hurt while assisting police with a crash on Hwy. 169 in Shakopee Saturday and his colleagues say it’s been especially dangerous on roads lately as drivers help people who are stuck.

Adam Walker is one tow truck driver who is worried about his safety after his friend and colleague went to the hospital Saturday.

“He was one of our go-to guys,” Walker said. “He was one of our bigger guys who knew what to do. He was our boss’ right-hand man.”

Walker says his co-worker was working to pull cars out of ditches from Friday night’s snowfall when he was stopped on the shoulder of Hwy. 169 northbound.

The State Patrol said one of their troopers was also pulled off to the side with the tow truck. Both vehicles had their lights on.

Investigators say a 34-year-old man driving an SUV lost control and smashed into the back of the tow.

“Even though the there’s not a lot of damage to the back of the tow truck his colleagues say the driver, who was sitting right here in the front seat, took the brunt of the impact,” Walker said. “He has a broken leg and three broken ribs.”

Walker says over the last few weeks, he’s seen chaos on the roads while responding to people needing his help.

He says people fail to pull over for tow trucks, snow plow and even law enforcement, which puts everyone’s safety at risk.

“We are all here to do one job and that’s to help people in need,” Walker said. “If you see a tow truck or a semi-truck or if you see any hazards on the road for that matter, whether it’s a state trooper or a cop or not, get over.”

The State Patrol tells me the driver of the SUV stayed on scene and was cited for failure to drive with due care.