Top Teacher: St. Paul reading teacher Julie Weilbacher

A beloved St. Paul elementary school teacher was honored Thursday with FOX 9’s Top Teacher Award.

Julie Weilbacher, also known as Ms. W, teaches reading to students at Four Seasons A+ Elementary.

She was nominated by her colleague, William Hamann. Ms. W is being recognized for her ability to instill confidence in students. Her peers say that she's also made great strides toward helping to close the achievement gap. Ms. W says that she's honored to receive the award.

Julie Weilbacher expressed her gratitude, "I'm speechless. These guys mean the world to me and being blessed with having to work with them every day is something that is very special that I don't take lightly. So they mean the world to me and thank you all very much."

This is our sixth Top Teacher Award presentation for the year. Ms. W was chosen among hundreds of nominees. As a Fox 9 Top Teacher she will receive $1,000 from Royal Credit Union, a Papa Murphy's Pizza Party, and a Top Teacher Award for her desk.

Congratulations Ms. W!