Toddler survives 3-story fall out window in St. Joseph, Minn.

A toddler is recovering from a scary fall out of a third story window last Monday in St. Joseph, Minn. His parents say even though the bedroom is child-proofed, they've learned you can never be too careful.  

The one-year-old boy fell from a third floor window and down to a concrete sidewalk, yet somehow survived with only a broken jaw and some cuts and bruises.  The fire department estimates that the fall down to the sidewalk is about 26 feet.

It's this high energy and curiosity,  that nearly cost him his life. When little Adrian Wilson isn’t busy being super adorable his dad Chris says he's usually climbing all over the house – “[he] gets into everything, pots and pans, the whole works.”

Adrian’s mom Tricia Mattson said she put him down for a nap in his third-floor bedroom. There was no furniture nearby the window, but it was slightly open. She said she went downstairs to wash the dishes, and 10 minutes later her motherly instinct prompted her to look outside.

No one heard or saw Adrian breaking through the screen, hitting the sidewalk and being knocked unconscious. He was quickly rushed to the hospital where he woke up and started crying. He either fractured his jaw, or had a crack on the inside ball of his jaw.

“Had to have been a guardian angel guiding him on the way down,” his dad said.

Each year, around 5,000 kids fall out of windows across the country. As for how the toddler made it up to the window, his parents believe he pulled himself up.

“My officer that went to the scene did fully investigate it, and didn't find anything that is out of the ordinary," St. Joseph's police chief said.

His parents say a simple rivet installed on the frame now prevents the windows from being opened all the way. It’s a small safety measure that could make a huge difference.