Tim McGraw to hold private concert on Lake Minnetonka—and you can go, too

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Tim McGraw is coming to the Twin Cities yet again, but this time he won't be performing at a stadium or a concert hall, he'll be belting out tunes at a lakefront estate in Minnetonka to raise money for charity.

Liberty on the Lake will be held from 11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Sunday at Peter Taunton's home near Palmer's Point on Lake Minnetonka, not far from Lake Minnetonka Regional Park.

Though the home's layout from the land is pure luxury, he's also opening up the lakefront to boaters with a bank of speakers pointing out toward the water.

"One of the things I wanted to do was make it more visible from the lake," he said. "I was always fortunate enough to attend the events but I always thought about the people back in the boats, is there something we can do to make them feel like they're more part of the event?"

So Taunton and the other organizers designed a stage where McGraw can face either direction--toward the 400 private guests or the lake, where a veritable swarm of watercraft will surely be waiting. 

The show will also feature opening acts and even two Navy Seals that will parachute in before McGraw takes the stage.

The event benefits Folds of Honor, a charity that helps pay for education costs of the children of fallen soldiers.

"If that's one thing that we can do to make life a little bit easier, to take one less moment of stress away from those families, then we feel like we should do it," Taunton said.11 a.m.:                       You may arrive to check in and can talk with a Folds of Honor recipient, Ginger Gilbert Ravella a military wife and widow, mother of five, and international speaker. She lost her college-sweetheart husband in Operation Iraqi Freedom (she has appeared on CNN, FOX, CMT and others), as well as Snap Fitness founder, concert host and board member of Folds of Honor, Peter Taunton prior to the concert. Peter can speak to why he is holding this special concert for Minnesota veterans' families and the excitement of the recent announcement that Tim is going to be a Snap Fitness gym owner and will open several custom-designed gyms.

Schedule of events:

Noon-12:30 p.m. -- Opening Act Chris Hawkey

12:30-12:56 p.m. -- Set Change

12:56 p.m. -- Plane flyover

1-1:20 p.m. -- Folds of Honor recognition, Folds of Honor recipient Ginger Gilbert Ravella will share personal story, check presentation

1:20-1:24 p.m. -- Stephanie Varone sings National Anthem / God Bless America, Patriot Parachute Team

1:30-2:30 p.m. -- Tim McGraw