Tiger cubs make public debut at the Minnesota Zoo

The tiger cubs at the Minnesota Zoo have officially made their public debut!

The three Amur Tiger cubs, born on Mother's Day, have not yet been named, but at 92-days-old and around 30 pounds, they are making their presence felt.

"Today is huge," Trista Fischer with the Minnesota Zoo said. "We've been building up to today for quite a while. They've passed their 12-week vaccinations, so we've been eagerly awaiting for them to explore this new space with their mom. It's been something that behind the scene that we prepped for a long time. So what guests may not see, but what we're doing back there, is we're getting them used to a pretty extensive chute system that they have to be able to navigate through and not get distracted, which is really hard at this age. But we get them used to following mom, out and back in and once they're comfortable with that process and have passed their vaccinations it's go time. Which is Today!" 

The zoo says the best chance of seeing the cubs playing around their habitat is in the morning on cool sunny days or after a fresh snow.