Baby tigers born at the Minnesota Zoo

Minnesota Zoo welcomes three Amur tiger cubs born on Mother's Day, May 8. (Minnesota Zoo)

The Minnesota Zoo announced their Amur tiger gave birth to a litter of cubs on Mother's Day this year.

The three surviving cubs are said to be in good health and successfully bonding with their mother Sundari. The fourth cub did not survive. 

"Dari has proven to be an incredible mother to these cubs," said Dr. Taylor Yaw, Chief Animal Care, Health, and Conservation Officer. "She has been attentive, nursing around the clock, and keeping the cubs groomed and by her side. The deep bond and trust that our keepers have formed with Dari over the years has allowed us to monitor the cubs and safely separate her from the cubs in order to perform routine health checks." 

The cubs' father Putin passed away in March

The Zoo says there are about 500 Amur Tigers left in the wild and that coordinated breeding efforts are essential to their survival. 

"Amur tigers are among the most endangered animals in the world," said Dr. Seth Stapleton, Minnesota Zoo Director of Conservation. "Their numbers have declined dramatically over the last decades as a result of habitat loss, poaching, loss of prey, and other factors, which is why the role of zoos in tiger conservation is so crucial."

The Zoo is hopeful the tigers will be able to be introduced to the public in mid-July.