Thousands of Twins fans support team at Target Field for start of playoffs

With Homer Hankies in hand, Twins fans packed Target Field on Friday as the team opened up its American League Divisional Series in New York against the Yankees.

The Twins will start the playoffs on the road before returning to Target Field for their homestand. But, regardless of where the team was, the stadium in Minneapolis was a hot spot for fans.

Among the fanatics, we caught up with one man who believes this year's team has a leg up on the New York Yankees.

"I'm a diehard fan," said Darrin Holland. "I'm not a bandwagon, I'm a super fan. I'm always going to be here for my team because I love them."

When it comes to Darrin Holland's admiration for the Minnesota Twins, it's in the numbers.

"2,623 regular-season home games I've made it to," he said. "I've been to every postseason game that they've had since 1987."

"This team could lose 100 games for 10 seasons in a row, I'll still be here cheering loud and proud for my team," he exclaimed. "It doesn't matter what their record is."

In fact, you could say his passion for his favorite sports team makes him weak in the knees.

"I wanted to show my Twins pride everywhere I go for everyone to see," he explained. "I love my Twins so much."

Holland is such a Twins superfan that when he lost both his lower legs to diabetes, doctors made his artificial feet out of laminated homer hankies from the '91 World Series Championship team.

"A lot of people saw it when I came to the first game at Target Field this year," Holland said. "And they said, 'You are an inspiration to me and to other people.'"

He's one of 3,000 to 5,000 fans who showed up at Target Field to watch the Bombas Squad take on the Bronx Bombers even though the Twins are playing away from home.

"It kind of feels like I'm in New York with the team right now," Holland said. "So I wanted to watch them here because it feels like I'm with them there."

But, no matter what happens against the Yankees, Holland believes his team will have legs beyond the playoffs.

"It's been a fulfilling, wonderful year," said Holland. "We've got nothing to feel down about; next year is going to be better too. We have a lot of young players coming up to help this team so I’m excited for next year too."