This floating city can withstand Category 5 hurricanes, company says

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Photo credit: OCEANIX

A concept for a floating city can withstand a Category 5 hurricane, according to the company behind the idea.

Oceanix presented their floating structure during a roundtable discussion convened by the United Nations Human Settlement Program. Representative said that it could not only produce its own food and energy, but also withstand natural disasters. 

The pitch is being seen as a viable solution against rising sea levels, climate change and housing shortage. It’s comprised of a series of hexagonal islands. The floating city concept would be built using sustainable materials.

"Everybody on the team actually wants to get this built," Marc Collins, the CEO of Oceanix, told Business Insider, according to FOX News. "We're not just theorizing."

Each hexagonal island would hold approximately 300 residents. A group of six hexagonal islands would make up a “village” and the entire city would be made up of six villages, allowing for about 10,000 residents. 

While the structures will be anchored to the ocean floor, they will also be built so they can be towed to a safer location if needed. Oceanix said all structures would be able to withstand floods, tsunamis and Category 5 hurricanes. 

The concept would also look into "ocean farming," which means growing food underwater with cages. According to, the UN would be looking to support and guide the project into a "workable model."