There are now 3 hurricanes in the Atlantic

Hurricane Irma’s power aside, it’s been a while since the Atlantic has been this active.  There are now 3 active hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, something that hasn’t happened in nearly 7 years, dating back to September of 2010.  While it’s not unheard of, especially this time of year as we roll through peak hurricane season, it’s not all that common.  You have the long watched and talked about Irma heading generally toward Florida, but its final destination is still a mystery.  Meanwhile Jose formed earlier in the week in the wake of Irma.  Because it’s following such a powerful hurricane, the likelihood of it becoming nearly as strong as Irma is almost zero.  That being said, conditions remain favorable for it to continue churning as a hurricane for a while before likely curving back out to sea in a few days.  Then there’s Katia.  It’s far closer to the U.S. than the other two, but poses no threat to the States because the trough that moved through here and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico will take it slowly south and push it into Mexico.  So even though there are 3 Atlantic hurricanes right now, Irma remains to be the dominant threat to the U.S. and something that will obviously be watched closely as we head into the weekend.