The show must go on: Sea Salt Eatery, Allianz Field start spring despite snow

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The spring snowfall has taken its toll on everyone, but some businesses are opening and some area sporting events are going on as scheduled despite the snow.

The opening of Sea Salt Eatery at Minnehaha Falls is usually a sure sign of spring, but this year, Mother Nature decided to shake things up with a healthy helping of snow to go along with the first day of business at the popular seafood restaurant.

“It’s not good for business,” said Chris Weglinski, of Sea Salt Eatery. “We’re used to sunshine, people walking their dogs, people biking is a good sign, but snow, I don’t know.”

In fact, the only ones on the patio are melting snowmen, but opening on schedule regardless of the weather was always on the menu.

“Right now, with the snow and slush and 30-degree weather, I think we just huddle up here and tough it out,” Weglinski said.

Across town at Allianz Field, workers are shoveling wet and heavy snow and ice from thousands of seats to get ready for Minnesota United’s first-ever home game in their new stadium.

“It’s now what we were hoping for, you have to prepare for it,” said Ryan Moy, of MNUFC.

Ground crews cleared the field into the wee hours of the morning and they have a lot more to do to get it ready for Saturday’s kickoff.

“In fact, I think a little snow might be good for the ambiance,” Moy added. “Just to showcase the perspective of where we are at and what we’ve been dealing with.”

In the meantime, Brian Nerheim woke up to quite a sight Thursday morning.

“I was looking out my window to check out the driveway for snow blowing when I saw all the pine needles in the window and I knew something was very, very wrong,” Nerheim said.

A pine tree from his neighbor’s yard fell onto his house, but other than a few holes in his roof, the snowstorm didn’t cause much damage.

“I hope it stops soon and I hope it melts because I’m done with winter. I don’t want any more trees falling on my house,” Nerheim said.