The Mid-Atlantic braces for feet of snow

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They aren’t going to be measuring snow totals in inches in much of the Mid-Atlantic and Appalachians this weekend… it will be in feet. One to three feet of snow is likely to fall on parts of the East Coast from western North Carolina up through Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Washington DC appears to be in the bullseye as this storm could be their largest snow storm since records began with 20 to 30+ inches a possibility but the time folks wake up Sunday morning.


While the #Snowmaggedon storm of 2010 dumped nearly a foot and a half on DC, the combination of exceedingly heavy snow and 60+mph winds will make travel impossible for much of the weekend from parts of Virginia, through DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. While New York City won’t get nearly as much snow, the combo of 60mph winds, coastal flooding, and locally up to 10 inches of the white… the weekend won’t exactly be a picnic. It will also be the winds that help cause additional flights to be cancelled across all airports in the east. Nearly 5000 had already been cancelled by this post, with more than ten thousand cancellations a real possibility by the end of the weekend.

This is just the 2nd time in DC history that they have been included in a blizzard warning. The only other time was with that 1996 storm that winded up being their 5th largest on record…


Here are the current snow forecasts for much of the east from us and from the National Weather service who has been studying this storm in a bit greater detail since it’s not directly affecting Minnesota.


While hunkering down at home typically keeps most folks safe during something like this, widespread power outages are likely with this very heavy wet snow and the very strong winds, which could not only make this a miserable few days for millions of people, but potentially life threatening as well. Check out the expected wind gusts the next 36 hours as the low heads off the coast…