The Maine's Pat Kirch talks 'Sweet 16 Tour' ahead of Minnesota show

(Nick Stafford / Supplied)

Celebrated emo/pup punk artist The Maine returns to Minnesota for a show at First Avenue in Minneapolis this Tuesday. The band boasts nine full-length albums and 16 years together as a band.

FOX 9 caught up with the band's drummer, Patrick Kirch, ahead of their show this week.

The Sweet Sixteen Tour highlights the band's extensive musical catalog and their musical evolution over the last 16 years. The band's newest release, their first self-titled album of a long career, returns to their roots. The group worked with producer Colby Wedgeworth, who Kirch refers to lovingly as the "extra member of the band."

Wedgeworth previously produced 2017's "Lovely Little Lonely," 2015's "American Candy," and 2011's "Pioneer."

The band's genuine interactions with fans explain their longevity, in part. From free fan tours to meeting fans at no cost after shows, The Maine has cultivated a loyal fan base, with several fans traveling to multiple shows every tour.

Kirch recalled running into a longtime fan at their Anaheim show who used to attend concerts with her older sister when she was 6 or 7 years old.

"We remember her from every show because she was so small," Kirch says, "Now she's going to college and is a full-grown adult coming to shows by herself."

While the tour does cover many of The Maine's greatest hits, so to speak, this is far from a farewell tour.

"It really doesn't feel like the end by any means. It feels like we're just getting going," says Kirch, "I'm so excited to see what it's going to be like in another 16 years."

The band has played First Avenue once before while opening for Taking Back Sunday, but Tuesday's show will be their first headliner at the venue. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, tickets are still available through First Avenue's website.