The Goods: Youth homeless shelter brings hope

When the sun sets at the Hope House, there's really no telling what the next day will bring.

“There are kids that just show up,” said Sara Bielke, a volunteer at the Hope House.

Volunteers at the home have helped kids facing a variety of issues such as those dealing with parents going through a divorce to kids struggling in school to others who have bounced from multiple foster homes and lack an adult advocate.

The Hope House is a homeless shelter for kids ages 10 to 17. The difference is, it's more home than simply shelter.

“They can come get pj's, clean clothes, bedding and all the things they need,” said Bielke.

Bielke knows the need because she lived through a lot of uncertainty.

“I had a single mom, three girls, no education, so, we had a lot of instability financially and sometimes we didn't know about our shelter or if we would have a home,” said Bielke.

The Hope House opened in Carver County, right on the edge of Chanhassen about a year ago.

It's a location where many didn't realize there would be a need.

“We had 83 in the house for six nights each. We had another 29 for counseling and over 300 call in or text on the help lines,” said Pam Langseth of the Open Hands Foundation.

The Open Hands Foundation keeps the place running to the tune of $550,000 a year and she is thankful.

“I think it's really peaceful and I'm grateful," said Langseth.

At the Hope House, each new day brings - exactly that - hope.

"When I listen to them and hear their stories, I guess I remember my experience. So, no one is worth giving up on," said Bielke.

For more information about the Open Hands Foundation, click here.