Thanks to community, bells at Saint Bernard's Parish ring once again

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The church bells of Saint Bernard’s Parish in St. Paul are ringing once again.

Worshipers who call the roughly 115-year-old building home came together to raise money for a huge renovation project to keep the bells ringing.

“When I grew up, you lived your life by the sound of the church bells,” said church archivist Charlie Deutsch.

The bells are ringing once again at the top of Saint Bernard’s Parish where the corner stone says 1905.

"Originally, it was an immigrant parish based on German-speaking Hungarians," Deutsch said.

Now, after sitting silent for years, the 112-year-old bells are coming back to life.

Friends Kathleen Huonder and Mary Rinehart have a combined 135 years spent worshiping beneath the twin bell towers at Saint Bernard’s.

"I think when the schools closed it was an impact," added Huonder.

Then, a few years ago, a growing Hispanic population and Burmese refugees breathed new life into the congregation. The new generation raised $1 million to make the bells ring once again.

“This is home. This is where we all come,” a parishioner said.