Telling the best joke wins man two tickets to Super Bowl LII

Being funny has its perks. Sometimes, it can get a second date for a person. Or, in this case, free tickets to Super Bowl LII.

That’s right.

One Philadelphia man is going to watch the Eagles play Sunday, February 4 and it’s all thanks to some good humor.

Information Security Specialist Dan Schwitters has already begun packing for a Super Bowl he never thought he would see in person. But, there they are – tickets.

“In the 100 section, so right down there. Lower level. Lower level,” said Dan Schwitters.

$5400 face value, plus airfare and hotel, free of charge.

“This is just amazing. It’s one of those bucket list items that you get to do,” Schitters explained.

How did Dan win his dream trip? Well, for the answer to that question, FOX 29 went to the Beneficial Bank Tower in Center City Philadelphia and Beneficial President and CEO Gerry Cuddy. 

He wanted to give away the bank’s two tickets, so he set up the raffle with one big condition:

“You have got to tell me a good joke,” said Cuddy.

Bank employees responded with a mountain of mirth.

There was some killer material.

Though some of the entries were not quite ready for a mass audience.

As for the joke attached to Dan’s winning raffle entry?

“I heard it and copied it. Like any good comic. Right. Good form of flattery, yes,” explained Schwitters.

The joke asks how did Tom Brady get that nasty gash on his hand?

“And the punchline is it was botched surgery for them trying to insert a sixth finger for his next Super Bowl ring,” Schwitters said.