Teen girls arrested after robbing 78-year-old man, threatening him with sledgehammer

Three teen girls were arrested after they allegedly robbed a 78-year-old man in St. Paul earlier this week.

According to police, the man was standing in the alley behind his house on Marshall Avenue around 8 p.m. Monday when five people approached him and demanded his wallet. Police said he refused to give it to them, so one of the thieves reached in and took it out of his pocket. The man was hit as he grabbed the wallet back.

One of the thieves then grabbed a sledgehammer from a nearby garage and threatened to destroy the man's car. He pleaded with them to go away and, after taking $10, they left and told him that they’d come back and burn down his house if he reported the incident.

One of the man's neighbors called police during the robbery, and officers were able to arrest three of the thieves as they tried to get away from the scene.

The girls' ages range from 12-14.