Retiring after 33 years, Sybil McMillan leaves impression on City of Minneapolis archives

Sybil McMillan next to the City of Minneapolis journals from 1988 to 2020

Sybil McMillan retires on New Year's Eve after more than 33 years of work maintaining official records for the City of Minneapolis, and the occasion was marked with a photo that shows the mountain of work that spanned her career.

Sybil started working at the city clerk’s office in 1988. She held the title of Council Information Specialist, "which meant that she was responsible for handling the processes involved in producing and publishing the official records of the City Council, including its ordinances, resolutions, actions, and the journals of its proceedings," City Clerk Casey Carl wrote in a note to staff.

To show how much Sybil accomplished in her career, the clerk’s office stacked the journals she managed from 1988 to 2020 and stood her next to a double-row of stacked books – almost 9 1/2 feet of stacked books next to 5’2 Sybil.

"Thank you, Sybil! Your work will be a permanent legacy of the City, a record that will be in the City’s archives for the rest of time," Carl wrote.