Suspected squatter charged in 2022 shooting of Minneapolis homeowner

A man is now accused of attempted murder for an attack in 2022 that appears to have started with a confrontation between a homeowner and squatters in Minneapolis.

James Cooper Henderson, of St. Paul, was arrested this week and questioned by police, nearly a year after the shooting that happened along the 800 block of Elmwood Avenue North in May 2022.

According to the charges, Henderson admitted to the shooting in the interview with officers on Wednesday, believing he had killed the victim.

"[Henderson] admitted that he fired the gun until it ran out of bullets," the charges state. "[Henderson] admitted that the victim's son called the victim's phone after the shooting and [he] felt remorse for what he had done."

As the charges detail, a day after the shooting, Henderson had apparently confessed to his parents that he killed "someone on Elmwood Avenue North" telling his parents he was going to turn himself in. His parents, in turn, had contacted the police.

However, it appears the victim survived the shooting.

The shooting

The charges state that the victim had gone to a vacant property he owned on Elmwood Avenue North on May 20, 2022 to mow the lawn. When he went inside the home, he told police he saw food wrappers on the floor and became suspicious squatters may have been living in the house.

He says he went outside and saw three people in the second-floor bedroom of the home. He told police he tried to call 911, but someone suddenly pushed him back into the house and started to hit and kick him after he fell to the floor.

One of the apparent squatters, which included Henderson, another man, and a woman, demanded the victim hand over his keys, phone, and wallet.

The charges state Henderson went to get the victim's 9mm gun and shot the victim, Before again demanding the victim hand over his wallet.

After being shot, the victim says the suspects left him alone for a brief period. During that time, he tried to run to the garage but was shot again several times.

The victim says the next thing he remembered is getting help from a neighbor.

The victim's belongings were later found in St. Paul.