Suspect shot and killed by St. Paul Police ID'd as Marcus Golden

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Photo from Golden family

The suspect who was shot and killed by St. Paul Police Wednesday has been identified as 24-year-old Marcus Golden, of St. Paul.

UPDATE: St. Paul police remain mum about Marcus Golden shooting

Golden family statement

The family of Marcus Golden would like to express our sorrow and heartbreak following the news of his sudden death today. Marcus was a beloved son, grandson, brother, nephew and cousin and he will be sorely missed. We are expecting an extensive, fair and independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. We realize there are many questions surrounding the shooting and we ask the public to remain calm as, together, we await the answers. The family is also asking the public and the media to respect our privacy at this time.


St. Paul police said they were responding to a call at the Valley Apartments at 261 University Ave. E. near Regions Hospital on a report that Golden was sending a woman threatening texts, and that he might have a gun.

Upon arrival, officers saw Golden sitting in the driver's seat of an SUV that was parked facing the squad car. Officers got out of their vehicle, and before they could fully approach Golden, "he accelerated the SUV and drove at a high rate of speed directly at one of the officers," St. Paul police said in a news release.

"Fearing for their lives, the officers fired their department-issued handguns several times, striking the suspect," police continued. "Officers ensured that no one else was in the SUV, called for St. Paul Fire Medics and rendered aid to the suspect. He was pronounced dead at the scene."

Several cars in the apartment building's parking lot appeared to be wrecked, including an SUV that looks to have a burned interior. How that's connected with the shooting isn't known at this time.

St. Paul police found a gun at the scene, but it's not known whether the weapon was pointed at officers or fired.

Jeffry Martin of the NAACP said he understands there are a lot of questions, but that the lack of trust between the black community and police is reason enough to call for an independent investigator.

"With names like Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Mr. Lollie -- our skyway incident -- being in the news on a national level, we ask at this time that the St. Paul Police Department and the mayor consider hiring an independent investigator to take a look at this case," Martin said during a news Wednesday.

Martin added that the citizens' review board that investigates complaints against police officers isn't independent of the department.

"You do have two active officers who are currently part of that process as well, and we don't know what if any influence they have on decisions that are made, that come out of that process," Martin said.