Suspect in Netherlands murder of Minnesota drummer to undergo mental evaluation

The man suspected of killing a 21-year-old Minnesota woman while she was attending university in the Netherlands will be undergoing a mental evaluation, according to a Rotterdam court official.

Sarah Papenheim of Andover was stabbed to death in December at a housing complex near Erasmus University, where Papenheim was studying psychology. Papenheim was known throughout the Twin Cities music scene as a talented drummer.

Papenheim's mother, Donee Odegard, told FOX 9 the suspect was one of Papenheim's roommates.

A court spokesman says the suspect will remain in custody and over the next few months will be evaluated by a psychiatrist. At the next hearing on June 18, the lawyer, judge and district attorney will go over the psychiatrist's report. They will then determine if the case will be able to go to the next phase in which a verdict will be determined.