Super Bowl Committee helps rebuild baseball field in Waseca, Minn.

In Waseca, Minnesota, one major league sport is lending a helping hand to another.

The Minnesota Super Bowl Committee wrote a big check to help finish a baseball field.

Over on Tink Larson Field, school children learn that baseball is not just a game of skill, but also a game a numbers.

The committee donated $50,000 to help rebuild a field of dreams after a nightmare took place over a year ago.

Flames spread throughout the field, destroying the historic grandstand. What took WPA workers months to build in the 1930s, a suspected arsonist brought down in minutes.

For Waseca baseball legend Tink Larson, the fundraising and reconstruction has been as frustrating as an extra innings loss.

"We've had three or four delays this summer on getting construction started, so it's just wonderful to see equipment here and moving dirt around," Larson said. 

Construction started Tuesday as part of a $2 million campaign made possible by the state legislature, the Super Bowl and Minnesota Twins baseball.

"When the fire took the grand stand, it really took it away from the community. They could still play ball, but the grand stand makes this a center it makes it a home, and it was important for us to bring that back to them," said Bryan Donaldson, Twins baseball community relations director. 

Waseca never gave up. Neither did baseball. And now, football chalks up the final score.

“It’s going to be great to have all of these people coming back again and when it's new like that, people are going to be excited about ‘hey, let's see what's going on down there,’ and hopefully that builds up the excitement. It just continues to grow and we get back to a level of excitement in baseball like we had in the past," Larson said. 

The new grand stands at Tink Larson Field are now in the hands of construction crews.  And if there are no weather delays, everything should be ready in time for the first pitch next spring.