Suburbs could challenge low-income housing proposals

A push to develop low-income housing in some upper-income cities has residents in suburbs concerned. Minneapolis, St. Paul and Eden Prairie would bear the brunt of the new plan but it's small towns like Savage that could feel the largest impact.

"It is still very much a small town where everybody knows everybody," Savage resident Paula Skoviera said. "Everyone knows your business."

When you roll into the small town of Savage you have to be ready, neighbors will be the first to tell you that news travels fast -- and opinions blow both ways. 

"It could be a good thing," one resident said -- while another said, "We don't need the crimes... We don't."

As part of the new affordable housing proposal, Savage and other small towns could become home to some of Minnesota's poorest families.

"You know, I was a hardworking single mom and I think it is easy for people to judge," Skoviera said.

For anyone who's been down that road, it's an idea that on second thought that may not be that bad -- "People have got to have a place to live, you have to think of that too."

Exactly how many units and where they will be remains undecided, but whatever happens, Savage will be ready.

"We want to have an opportunity for everyone to have a home and live in a great community such as this," Skoviera said.

If the proposal goes through, Savage along with about a half dozen other small cities would be possible sites for extremely low-income families – but it's important to point out this is still in the proposal state, and is far from a done deal.